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Just like our ingredients, the secret to a healthy life is simplicity. We offer meal planning, easy pick-ups, on-the-go options, protein-rich snacks, and rejuvenating shakes that will leave you feeling full and refreshed. Our supplement bar is packed with workout essentials to assist you with your goals. With our immense product selection and educational framework, we promote, encourage, and sustain an overall healthy lifestyle. We have everything from your pre-workout to your post-workout to your ex wanting to work-it-out because you look so good! Moo’s Juice is your one-stop-shop to success.

"Energize your mind, body and soul"

We offer convinient Pickup & Delivery options that support your healthy lifestyle.

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Getting more out of life begins with simple choices; create a life that you’re proud to live. We blend ingredients with goals to encourage growth. Created by foodies, our dishes are full of savory sauces and refined tastes yet remain refreshing and guilt-free. Comfort your cravings and celebrate the amazing combination of simple ingredients. Nourish your body, explore your mind, and energize your ability to choose. Indulge in our expansive creations, stimulate your taste buds, and let the food speak for itself. Join the evolution of healthy eating!

"Excuses are useless. Results are priceless!"

Checkout out our lifestyle products, offering the cheapest Fitness Supplements in Edmonton with free shipping on all retail orders over $99.

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The choices you make today determine your future. Ultimately, it’s about creating habits to sustain a healthy lifestyle. We offer more than just fresh, delicious food! Our supplements will help you achieve those goals and reach your full potential. We have countless options to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Overcome and achieve: all day, every day. Eat wisely to FUEL YOUR BODY; everything you put in it gives you results. We’re about more than just healthy food, we’re about creating an atmosphere to learn, grow, and have fun!

Building the Community

It is not every day that you get to work with amazing people like ours in a culture that breeds success. Our passionate team is determined to deliver innovative ideas by creating an environment for like-minded individuals to grow and succeed. We empower communications, transparency and growth.

Become an Ambassador

Our Opportunities

“The solutions we create today can change the world tomorrow.”

  • Become an Ambassador
  • Join our Team
  • Investment Opportunities


Calling All Ambassadors
We are all about giving back to our community and to those who have helped us become great. Our customers are at the heart of what we do, and it does not go unrecognized. We created an ambassador program to give back to those who have given us so much, our people.

If this is you, please apply below!

Become an Ambassador

We're all about the Y

“Those that we inspire are taught by us to lead.”

We have a unique opportunity to forge a team of like-minded individuals to create an environment that fosters creativity and growth. The goal is to utilize our unique individual strengths utilzing our proven formulas to inspire community.

Join a team of diverse forward thinkers dedicated to growing communities by providing mentorship and first-hand experiences.

  • Corporate executive
  • Store Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Community Outreach
  • Juice bar staff
Apply Online

Our team represents highly skillful and successful individuals with a cumulative of over three decades of hands-on achievements and experience. Each member of the team has a diverse assortment of talents and brings something different to the table that creates an unparalleled level of synergy. They are all connected by their passion for their craft, their commitment to greatness and their unmatched drive to help grow the communities.

Using our experience, we created an integrated ecosystem that yields attractive profit margins, efficient operations and long-term sustainability. Our diverse share class options create unique ways to become an equity partner in our opportunities.

  • Capital Investment
  • Financing packages
  • Labour for equity
  • Corporate Directors
  • Owner-operators
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Visit Us Today

Come down and visit our Juice bar & Cafe's. We offer convinient locations for Pickup & Delivery throughout Edmonton.

Find Location

    Our Locations

    • Moo's Juice 186 St NW (inside LA Fitness)
    • 10167 186 St NW
    • Edmonton, AB
    • T5S 2Y2
    • 780-488-8789
    • Moo's Juice 167 Ave NW (inside LA Fitness)
    • 12410 167 Ave NW
    • Edmonton, AB
    • T6V 1B1
    • 780-457-1767
    • Moo's Juice Calgary Trail (inside LA Fitness)
    • 4223 Calgary Trail NW
    • Edmonton, AB
    • T6J 6Y8
    • 587-759-5469
    • Soulful Ingredients Cafe - 109 St NW
    • #201 10125 109 St NW
    • Edmonton, AB
    • T5J 3M5
    • 780-244-0287
    • Soulful Ingredients Cafe - City Center
    • #220 10205 101 St NW
    • Edmonton, AB
    • T5J 2Y9
    • 780-706-7685
    • Soulful Ingredients Cafe - 142 St NW (coming soon)
    • 10720 142 St NW
    • Edmonton, AB
    • T5N 2P7
      • Soulful Ingredients Cafe - 50 St NW (coming soon)
      • 3746 50 St NW
      • Edmonton, AB
      • T5A 5J6

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